SMI RED Eye-Tracking System

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The SMI RED eye tracker records eye movements at 120Hz (or 60Hz, see below). The software is very straightforward to use, so this system is ideal for simple experiments which involve tracking gaze to media (pictures, videos, web sites, video games).


iViewX needs to be running for the eye tracker to work.

Experiment Center software allows you to create simple experiments by adding stimuli (pictures, videos, websites), and then run those experiments to collect eye tracking data. You could also hook it up to external video sources (such as video game consoles) using the hdmi/vga adapter included with the system.

BeGaze is software which you could use to analyze your SMI data; it includes the ability to create dynamic AOIs in videos (i.e., AOIs that change position through several frames of a video), which is more difficult to do with the Eyelink eye trackers.

General Setup

To test a subject

  • Open iViewX on the host computer
  • Open Experiment Center on the display computer (or same computer if you're using a one computer setup)
  • Select your experiment in Experiment Center, make sure it's locked and connected to the host, and click record
  • To stop (if stimuli duration is set to "manual"), click F12 on the display computer

Important Note: To make sure you are tracking at 120Hz and not 60Hz, in iViewX go to setup/hardware, and make sure RED 60/120 (USB) is selected as the eye tracking device. Then click on advanced and make sure that 120Hz is selected.


If the eye tracker is not working:

  • make sure none of the physical connections are loose and the eye tracker (e.g., usb cables) is plugged in
  • if the eye tracker doesn't kick into action when you open iViewX, then go to setup>hardware>eye tracking device, and make sure that RED 60/120 (USB) is selected from the drop-down list