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Flea USB 3.0 120 FPS camera

Canon Vixia HF Camcorder

Lytro Light Field Camera

If you plan on using this camera, make sure it's charged ahead of time! You can plug it into a computer with the USB cable, or for faster charging, it can be plugged into an iPod power adapter (full list of compatible wall adapters). Note that it will likely be faster to use a wall adapter than to charge through your computer.

Here are some useful links to start using the camera. You can take a picture using the button on the top of the camera. Once you've taken a picture, you can view it by swiping the touch interface from left to right. You can then sharpen a region by tapping it once. If you want to zoom in, double tap, then move around, and single tap to focus on the zoomed in region; to zoom out again, double tap once more.

Here are tips on how to shoot pictures that will give dramatic effects when selectively blurring regions in the pictures. Generally, you should try to get really close to your near-depth object when shooting; if there's a bit of blur, that's good!

Once you connect the camera to a computer using the USB cable for the first time, the drivers should automatically download. When you open the camera as a folder, you can find and install the desktop software. Once the software is installed, photos on the camera will automatically upload. If the software is already installed, new pictures will upload when you connect to that computer with the USB cable. Here's an overview of the Lytro Desktop software:

There's an option to sign in to the Lytro Desktop software. As far as I can tell, this is only useful for uploading your pictures to the lytro website, where they can be refocused by anyone through their web browser (i.e., without needing the desktop software).